Reflection on Characterization Assignment

My Mind Map:

For this assignment, I chose to use as my learning tool. But those shortcut keys made me confuse in the first place. Therefore, I only need a few of the shortcut keys to complete the map, it was an interesting process though. But I do like how simple the design of the mind map is, especially branches with various colours that help me to better state the competencies and characteristics of the character in a more straightforward and easy way. During the process of making, I was not having any struggle, which I think it relates to my habit of using technology that even at school I am already used at working with technologies. And I enjoy using technologies most of the time. In addition, creating a digital mind map helps me to structure information of the character and increase my creativity and productivity in a clean and organized way. Well, I would use again if a similar assignment is assigned, and I am pretty satisfied with so far. During the process of the creation of mind map, it let the flow of ideas go freely, and I can see my growth mindset and brainstorm by creating one after another branch.

To conclude my experience, it has been growing in my opinion as a learning process. First off, I perceive the difficulties to play around with the site. Yet after I spent time to learn the system and merge my idea within the mind map, I can see how my ideas were interspersed, and it contributed a better orientation for me.


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