Currents from the Kitchen 2


  1. Grape tomato – 0.2v
  2. Onion – 0.3v
  3. Grapefruit – 0.4v
  4. Apple – 0.25v


  • The deeper the two metals went into the fruit, the stronger the voltage was
  • When the two metals went into two different fruits, the combined voltage was higher
  • If the fruit had more acid, the greater the electric charge would be

Currents from the Kitchen

Purpose: To know what fruit will have the greatest voltage

Hypothesis: When the grape tomato is attached to the voltmeter it will produce the most electric voltage

Materials: Fruits, voltmeter, 2 wires, 2 different metals (copper & zinc), knife


  1. Cut the fruit
  2. Put in the 2 metals into the fruit
  3. Attach one end of the 2 wires to the 2 metals in the fruit
  4. Attach other end of the 2 wires onto voltmeter
  5. Record results
  6. Repeat procedure with other fruits and record results
  7. Mix and match some fruits together (i.e. grapefruit and lemon) to create greatest voltage

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Electricity Mind Map

Questions about electricity :

  1. Who discovered electricity?
  2. Without electricity what would the world look like?
  3. What are some others power sources other than electricity?
  4. Do humans contain electricity?
  5. How does electricity work?
  6. How is electricity made?
  7. How many volts are in a lightning bolt?

Solution Fluency

Deliver: Embedding the pitches

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Debrief: The quality of my post and process could’ve been better, I did well on describing my challenge but I could’ve worked on the Dream process more.

Community Connection

Who did I interview and what are their roles and responsibilities?

  • I interviewed pastor Sam Jung from CWC (Christ Worship Center). He is the pastor of the English ministry, the church he serves at is bilingual. His role is to lead the church in worship services, prepare weekly sermons, and interpreting God’s word.

Why did I choose to interview this individual?

  • I chose to interview pastor Sam Jung because I was curious in what a pastor’s job does. I remembered once at church, he told a story of how he as a kid, stayed away from church and didn’t interact with God like he does now. Pastor Jung’s father was a pastor so being the pastors son, who would’ve thought that he wouldn’t feel a connection to God and wanted to interact with God? He still became a pastor in the end though and I was curious in how that worked.

What did I learn from the interview and how did it connect to my passions and interests?

  • I learnt so much about my church I had no idea about, I learned what a pastor goes through and how they help people in their spiritual beliefs. It connected to my passions and interests as I was curious about how the job worked, what do you do being a pastor?

Some media that demonstrates the aspects of the interview in which I connected with is the praise songs. There’s a song channel called “praise 106.5” and its a radio channel with worship songs playing. The website is at :