what it means to be human…

humans need to be able to communicate sign or language etc..

Humans need to interact with other

You need to express feelings

Humans look for happiness

Humans like to help others

Humans like to communicate to share and gain knowledge

Humans need others to support

Humans are violent greedy and mean

Humans hurt other population because they are racist, descriminatory

Humans are vangeful

Humans are sympathetic and we can share and help others

Humans are oblivious when its not happening to us

Humans can be united by the simplest of things such as dancing

The novel To Kill A Mocking Bird has been one of my favorite book and is a very good novel because it shows the sings about racism and how its shouldn’t be okay to be to be rude even though it was such a racist town… And it showed the side of the black people and how they had been shamed and the side of the white people who would shame them, but it also had showed the good side of people that were open to others. I learned that humanity could lean to be a ¬†better human being.