Food reflection September

Angel food cake:

For the most part of this lab it went quite well accept for the fact that we had left the cakes in the oven for too long so they burnt but it was fun to be able to decorate out own cakes with the strawberries and whipping cream. And the cakes tasted amazing in my opinion with their fluffy and light texture and a creamy taste. The reason why I wanted to reflect this lab is because even though we had messed up this lab it was still fun to make and angel food cake is one of my favorite type of cakes.

Salad rolls

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1.I had found it at first to be odd but the more that I had ate the more I had enjoyed it.

2.I would not use peanut butter n the sauce even though it would be tradition for this type of dish to use peanut butter.

3.there are alot of fats in the oil that you would fry in to make then unhealthy.