Poetry project

Poetry Project

Luc Croze Block: A


Poem- becoming your own prey

Circling its prey

That’s already dead

The rotting flesh

The flesh decaying disintegrating

To eat what could be poisoned

To risk that could kill back

That eating what might kill you instead

To circle the pray, and become pray itself

To circle and get circled instead


Mini composition- January

The poem January is a strong imagery poem that shows the power of death. And with some very good contrast “the crimson seeds” showing the dark blood drops going onto the snow. They have some good alliteration with a simile rate after “of blood burst with a mild explosion”. In the poem they chose the perfect moments to add all the imagery such as the simile “with a mild explosion like how the blood is destructive but it are simply drops of blood. “Bold as roses”.  And there is a lot of personification for the rest of the poem “over the snow that feels no pain” they give the sense that the snow won’t care for the wounded fox, there is also “whose white hands can give no healing” because the for is in its last moments of living about to die and there is no one who can help but the snow but the snow isn’t living. This poem is a lyrics poem. The fox drags its wounded belly, in Britain there had been fox hunting. They got the scent of a fox to give to their dogs to hunt down and kill the fox; it had been for sport just for fun. The poet wanted to show/give the fox the emotions/ feelings just like how a human would struggle to survive, to live on. Even though hunting foxes isn’t legal anymore. But there are so many hunting’s still that people just don’t care for anymore. Just like how we have shows about killing the animals and they find it fun and no one cares for them. I’m not saying we should all go vegetarian but we should treat animals much nicer. January is a very good poem and has very good imagery in many different ways. Also it is amazing that there is so much imagery in such a little poem.

digital footprint

1. – If you said something wrong or inappropriate it wouldn’t be good for a job

– or if you posted something bad to someone else that could also affect you

2. -Make sure you never swear on your digital footprint

-Think before you say anything

-Don’t post anything inappropriate

3.Think before you speak, to always be nice to others, and don’t post anything bad about anyone or yourself.