Lab Reflection Foods11 November, December, January

Tostada Bowls:

I hose the tostada bowls for my lab reflection because it was one of my favorite dishes throughout the semester because it had a lot of light and delicious textures to it. Another reason why I enjoyed the lab was because it was a quite easy lab so even though it was quite easy to make it was very good and a dish that I will definitely make again. With my group I felt that it turned out as god as possible because our group split up and took on the tasks at hand, and got everything done on time to enjoy that delicious meal. Our group also never had any issues working together or any issues with the lab. If I were to ever do this lab again I feel I would add more meat to my tostada bowl but not anything else because I enjoyed the dish very much how it was.

“Dead Poets Society” Reflection and connection

1.Reflect on the meaning of the movie and its connection to “Tomorrow”

That people should stand up for others and you should put your voice put for others and yourself, and that you should be able to do the things that you love not follow the path that others give to you. A connection to “Tomorrow” is that both do have some dark meaning to them but also powerful with a strong meaning and relation to real life.

2.personal thoughts about the movie

It was very powerful in the end with how all the boys wanted to defend their teacher but it was also very sad with the death of Neil but it showed how it moved the boys to stand up for each other and how Todd was finally able to speak up was a very strong moment in the movie . The movie had a lot of meaning in it as well so I really liked it even though I wasn’t able to see the whole movie

3.Image from movie

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October reflection

I chose the calzones and they tasted very good, the lab also went very well with no mistakes made by our group and especially for this lab our group worked very well together over all. There was some good prep that hadn’t done in the class before with different foods and so it was fun to be able to do different things while cooking in the class so over all it was my favorite lab for October.

3 Reasons Why Piggy Would Be A Better Leader Than Ralph And Jack

1. Because he is the most intelligent boy on the island.

Piggy has shown from the beginning that he has the most intelligence out of all the boys on the island. When piggy wanted to blow the conch. Or having ideas of the huts for shelter and protection. Even the idea for a sundial because he wanted the boys to be able to tell time to know the time of day. This proves that he has the most knowledge out of all the boys and is more intelligent to help with their survival while on the island.

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2. Piggy cares for the other kids more than others would for each other

From the very beginning when they find the conch Piggy wants to find out if there are other kids on the island and to have everyone be together and piggy always has the ideas of sticking together to be as a group.

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3. Piggy is the most logical out of the boys

Piggy has shown to has the most common sense out of the boys and while all the kids are outside trying to hunt he is taking change of all the huts and the fire even though he can’t do very much labor he still is the closest to society and order of their old lives. Between the kids piggy still is the most civilized out of the boys and isn’t going

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Food reflection September

Angel food cake:

For the most part of this lab it went quite well accept for the fact that we had left the cakes in the oven for too long so they burnt but it was fun to be able to decorate out own cakes with the strawberries and whipping cream. And the cakes tasted amazing in my opinion with their fluffy and light texture and a creamy taste. The reason why I wanted to reflect this lab is because even though we had messed up this lab it was still fun to make and angel food cake is one of my favorite type of cakes.

Exploring quadratic functions

1.Y= x^2+4b+5

2. $latex y=ax^2+bx+c   B)the lines start at zero and are at the same points on the Y axes forever.

3.A) yes it has a maximum point and the point is zero is zero.

B) its minimum point is zero and its maximum is going above zero forever.

C)it has no maximum or minimum point


4.If a is positive the minimum is zero if it is negative the maximum is zero.

5. it change the line when B is negative 0 – -1 and when positive it will move to the left of the graph.