Post-Secondary Event Reflection

The 3 institutions interested me most were UBC, SFU and u Ottawa.  UBC is the first ranked university in BC, SFU has biomedical programs that apply international students, and u Ottawa has great Co-operative Education Programs and Work-Study Programs that can help me choose the career before my graduation.

If I was applying to post-secondary today, I would want to go UBC because first, it is the top school in BC. Second, UBC has a great program with science, it offers complete equipment.  Third, UBC gives students a lot of opportunities for co-op, work experience, exchanges, travel and so on.

it is good to now the universities in Canada before I graduate, I can search for what kind of programs does each school has and whatever the programs match my interest in science or biomedical. Also, I can decide what course I should take in grade 12 to make sure I have qualifications for applying.

My favourite part about seeing these different post-secondary options is to think what I really want to do for my career, what I have to prepare for my future, which school can help me most to rich my goal and getting new information about universities and colleges.

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