Biotechnology and Genetics

Genetic Engineering: What is it? Genetic engineering is a process using DNA technology to alter the genetic structure of an organism. In simple terms, it is controlled manipulation of the genes in an organism with the intention of making that organism better in some way. It is a controlled process that involves the direct manipulation […]

Shakespeare – Graphic Novel

From my understanding of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, the main focus of the play is lust and love, whether it be potions or not. I think the play is trying to tell us about how love can seem true, but it is actually fake and not real. In the play, there are many different characters who fall […]

Community Connection Alternate

Paragraph 1: Volunteer opportunities What is the volunteer opportunity that you are researching in your community? In the spring I will volunteer with my softball team at the special olympics at McLean Park in Port Coquitlam. How could this volunteer opportunity benefit your future? It can benefit my future because it can get me my […]