Poetry Project

Image that captures the poems theme: My Poem: What is Black? Black is the night when there isn’t a star and you can’t tell by looking where you are   black is a feeling hard to explain like suffering but without the pain   black is your soul trying to reach the end of a […]

Why the humanities are important for society

  Studying the humanities is important for a healthy society and democracy, further analyzing into everything to get a better understanding of it will better your knowledge. After reading or hearing someone else’s opinion on a certain topic, it is up to you to develop your own opinion on that specific subject. In the 2018 […]

Biotechnology and Genetics

Genetic Engineering: What is it? Genetic engineering is a process using DNA technology to alter the genetic structure of an organism. In simple terms, it is controlled manipulation of the genes in an organism with the intention of making that organism better in some way. It is a controlled process that involves the direct manipulation […]