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From my understanding of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, the main focus of the play is lust and love, whether it be potions or not. I think the play is trying to tell us about how love can seem true, but it is actually fake and not real. In the play, there are many different characters who fall for different people whether it was their real emotions or a love potion that the fairies gave to them. The play starts off with Eugeus who is Hermia’s father saying he wants her to marry Demetrius, but she refuses because she is in love with Lysander. So, the Duke of Athens offers her a deal, he says “You have until the day I marry to either say yes to the marriage otherwise she goes to a convent or is executed”. Hermia and Lysander then decide to run away together so they can be together, but Hermia tells Helena before she leaves. Helena then goes chasing after Demetrius to confess her love to him, but he says they can’t be together because he loves Hermia. Hermia and Lysander then fall asleep in the forest to rest and Demetrius and Helena find them, but Demetrius is telling Helena to leave him alone. The fairies start to listen to their conversation and the king fairy tells Puck to give Demetrius the love potion so he can love Helena, but Puck mistakes Lysander for Demetrius leaving Lysander in love with Helena. The king fairy then tells Puck to fix his mistake, so now both Lysander and Demetrius are in love with Helena leaving Hermia all sad and alone. Once the king fairy and Puck realize what needs to be done, Puck then gives Lysander a reversing potion so he and Hermia are in love and Demetrius and Helena are in love.

One thought on “Shakespeare – Graphic Novel

  1. Thank you for posting your “Graphic Novel” project taking one source of writing (literature) and transferring it into a new piece of media using your creative perspective. Below are some observations about your post:

    – Excellent use of the software (Pixton) to retell the story
    – Looks like a professional graphic novel
    – You embedded this properly on your Edublog

    Overall, I think you did an outstanding job with the technology!

    Mr. Barazzuol
    (COL-ADL10 Teacher)

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