Foods 10 – Chili cook off

This week in foods we did a chili cook off between all the groups to see who can make the best chili. We had a lot of freedom with choosing what we wanted to include in our chilies. Monday was the day to work with our groups to decide whether we wanted to play it safe with a classic chilli or try something new and use our creativity to do a chili outside of the box. My group looked at many different chilli recipes but in the end we decided to do the best classic chilli recipe because nothing is better then eating a classic chilli that gives you the feeling of home. Making the chili was actually a lot of easier than I thought and it came out very well. Our key ingredients were kidney beans, ground beef, a variety of different spices and many different tomato products including, tomato paste, tomato sauce and tomato chunks. The flavour of our chili had a very homey feeling at first, but afterwards you get spicy kick. Nothing too overpowering, but still something. The reason for that being because we added obviously chili powder, black pepper and cayenne pepper to give it a bit more of a kick. We also added some sugar to our chili so the spiciness wasn’t too overpowering. My contribution to actually making the chili was that I cooked the ground beef and onions. I also did a lot of the mis en place as I measured all the correct measurements to the spices. I did stir the chili occasionally, but my main job while doing the chili cook off was the cheese braid. I made the cheese braid from getting all the ingredients to braiding the bread. In the final competition we got second place which was better than I thought we would do. The reasoning being even though our chili gave you that homey feeling, I will admit the other groups had some pretty unique and creative twists on them. But I am still happy with the outcome of our chili.

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