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Welcome to my Blog! My name’s Lindsey and I am a French Immersion Student. A few things I enjoy doing are playing piano and guitar, hanging out with friends and playing soccer and softball.

My Favourite Quote:

“Whatever you do, do it well.”Walt Disney

This quote really resonates to me because I always try to do my best. Even if the task is challenging, I still put in my full effort and most of the time I am happy with my outcome.

A Meaningful Video: 

This is a very special song to me and not only that but it is a mashup of two different songs that I love. This is also a live version which makes it even better because you can hear the emotion. Not only is this my favourite song but he is also my favourite artist.

       A Picture That Inspires Me:

          Related image

This is a picture of a resort in Bora Bora and Bora Bora has been a place that I’ve wanted to travel to since I was 11. The reason I want to go there so bad is because I saw a video on youtube where people went to Bora Bora and I fell in love with the way it looked. It just looks so relaxing and peaceful.

A Hyperlink That Matters To Me:


Music has always been a big part of my life and it still is. Every opportunity I have, I’ll listen to music. No matter what mood I’m in, every time I listen to music, it relaxes me and always puts me in a better mood. Music really helps me focus, so anytime I’m cleaning my house, doing homework or anything really, I’ll put in my headphones and do it without any distractions.

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