A Place at the Table Movie Response

I wasn‘t really surprised by the information presented in this movie. I knew that there was a large percentage of America’s population that were in poverty and they were hungry. The preexisting ideas I had about food insecurity included the people you typically see in we scare hunger campaigns, people who aren’t from Canada. But I also knew that many people in Canada face the same issue. This movie made me upset that the United States Of America let hunger become such a forefront in the issues it faces, and in turn, made me upset that Canada has let the same issues become as impactful in peoples lives as it has without trying something drastic to fix the problem. In fact, there are still many big countries. Because of the difference between the rich and the poor, some people live a life of extravagance and waste. Some people have to work hard to eat and drink. They may work three jobs a day, but they still cannot support the family.


Families on social assistance are more likely and at more risk of experiencing food insecurity. They are more at risk because social assistance rates are extremely low, so much so that it is difficult to have enough money for food, water, and housing. I believe it’s because the system we have set up to help people at risk has failed. If I was in a position where I could influence the issue I would start a two-part plan. The first part of the plan would be to ensure that the people who are at risk of going hungry get proper support. I would raise the maximum annual income for getting government support and I would create a better service for people who are unemployed or employed with low income. I would create this better service by increasing the number of food stamps given to these homeless people and hunger, and I would make the program easier to take part in. The second part of the plan would be to raise the minimum wages so that people can pay for the bare necessities. For those who may not have income, they can take two kinds of programs: 1. Help those people to fight for a position, have the ability to make money, and live; 2. Inconvenient legs and feet, elderly people who have no fixed place, can arrange relief if any The house can be regularly served with fresh fruits and vegetables and rice. Without a house, you can arrange a relief facility to provide accommodation and food. I think this requires the efforts of the state, and after reviewing things, perfect our system.

Safety Tips






1.Fire (i.e. what to do if one happens)

1)Call 911 for help.

2)Turn off the heat.

3) Pour on baking soda for a grease fire.









2.Burns/Scalds (i.e. how to treat)

1) Use cold running water to cool.

2) See a doctor as soon as possible if a burn extends deep into skin and blisters immediately

3. Chemicals

1) Don’t put chemicals into your eyes.

2) Separate chemicals from food, equipment, utensils, linens, and single-use items.

4. Slips/Trips/Falls (i.e. how to prevent)

1)Clean up spills immediately.

2)Cover cables or cords in walkways.

5. Cuts (i.e. how to prevent/how to treat)

1)Keep your eyes on your cutting.

2)Use the correct size and type of knife.









6. Heavy Lifting (i.e. of a bag of flour) 

1) Clean up the surroundings to ensure they are not tripped.

2)Place or store the heaviest items at mid height to make lifting easier.

7. How to Prevent Food Poisoning

1) Avoid eating raw or spoiled meat.

2)Check the expiration dates on eggs before purchasing and again before preparing.

8.Waste Management

1)Recycle everything that can be recycled.

2)Buy a Trash Compactor.

9.Personal Hygiene

1)Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling food, and wash and dry them again frequently during work.

2)Never cough or sneeze over food, or where food is being prepared or stored.