Weather Reading 3


Date-December 16, 2019

Air pressure-1026.0 mb

Air temperature-8 degree

Wind direction- North East

Wind speed-10 knots


Dew point – -2 degree

Cloud type-Nimbostratus

Cloud cover-full

Lower aire presume than last time.









Map 2






Map 3

Map 4






We predict that there will be a more rain, and more wind tomorrow and because there is a high pressure zone moving up which will cause rain.

One thought on “Weather Reading 3

  1. Remember that your air pressure should just say higher or lower because it’s relative to the first day.

    High pressure would mean that the skies are clear around where the H is. I think the H is too far east to provide clear skies. But it does look like a warm front or an occluded front is coming.

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