Reconciliation Social Task

A piece of art that will help foster reconciliation.

I chose Dreamcatcher as a symbol of the Indians, and Beaver is a symbol of Canada. The two combine to express the desire for reconciliation. Because native Indians love nature very much, I painted the beavers on behalf of Canada green. The Canadian government, on the other hand, focuses on the development of science and technology and a happy and beautiful life. It is a dreamy blue-violet that represents the Indian dream net. The exchange of two different representative colors also means that the two truly agree with each other and their ideas. Under the beaver, I also wrote the Canadian abbreviation CA in red. It is written in red because the representative color of the Canadian flag is red. Only the two are closely related, identify each other, and cooperate with each other to be truly complete Canada.

The people of the First Nations, who love nature and their unique traditional culture, are now developing the country-Canada, and need to be integrated, and it is also necessary for Canada to be clear. People and the government should correctly treat history and the mistakes made in the past for the First Nations, and the consequences and injuries that have not been granted to the First Nations for a reasonable and equal status. Although the two sides may have reconciled, the pain that history brought to the First Nations is not something that can be erased in a short time.

One thought on “Reconciliation Social Task

  1. Instead of Indians, we usually say Aboriginals. I just used “Indian” in class when referring to the usage in history.

    Very nice piece of work and you explain it very well. You clearly put a lot of thought into it.

    I think you’re ready to do the unit project with this kind of thinking.

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