Narrative Essay edited

An important lesson in my life

The will is exercised here, the mind is washed here, and the behavior is regulated here. This is an important lesson in my life——military training. On the TV, the neat and mighty army’s lineup make me envious, the neat place made me excited, and the standard and powerful movement made me feel upset. I am looking forward to my first military training in my life. I hope this day will come soon. In China, on August 26, 2016, I finally welcomed this day when I was in Grade 9.

Watching TV, the soldiers walked so easily and neatly, the posture was so beautiful and standard. However, when I really practiced it, I felt hard. This seemingly ordinary and arduous training made all of our classmate’s physical and mental strengths extremely experienced. The sun is like a big fireball and it ruthlessly roasted us. After a while, my sweat dripped down my forehead, my feet began to numb, and my hands were hurting. Standing in the military position, stepping forward, repeating the practice over and over again, so that my legs seem to have been filled with the lead as if I did not listen to my call, always trembled. The hot sun is honing our will, and the hot sports field is testing our endurance. However, we stubbornly persisted, no one complained, no one fell behind, we defeated the sun’s roasting, and defeated the disturbing fatigue. We were proud of ourselves. When the whole body was wet, we gradually matured; in the arduous military training, we throw away the fragility and put on the strong armor. Our perseverance is gradually revealed, and our will is gradually strengthened by military training!

Military training is hard, boring, but our body has become stronger and stronger. When we practiced, we once again showed our patience, persistence, and tenacity. When I kneel down, my whole body weight was on my right foot. After a while, my right foot was numb. If at this time my right foot can move freely, if I can stand up at this moment, if… I have a lot of beautiful assumptions in my mind, but I still stick to the end. When I slowly stood up, my feet seemed to lose consciousness. But I am gratified that I have come up with my tenacious perseverance. Because I believe that persistence is victory, persistence is warm spring sunshine, it can melt winter frost; persistence is summer green, gestating autumn prosperity; persistence is autumn fruit, it shows good luck in winter; persistence is winter Snow, it is a sign of spring hope. Hold on for a minute and the victory will be under your feet.

Military training taught me strong will, military training taught me normative behavior. It is a very bitter movement to lift the foot and keep one position for a long time. In 2 minutes, my feet began to shake, and the raised feet slowly hang down. At this time, for me, this is very tormented! But my feet didn’t touch the ground, even though it was so painful at the moment. Finally, we successfully passed the test of the instructors. In the formal practice, the training slogan echoed the slogans of the students: “One, two, three, four…” I learned to face the courage in the face of pain. In the midst of suffering, I learned to overcome it.

Military training is a precious and rare experience. It has always been written into my memory and has become an indelible part of me. In fact, hardship is the cradle of your success. Perseverance is a kind of power. It gives me motivation and support when it is difficult. It gives me eternal wealth and strength in my life journey. As long as the light of perseverance in the heart is not dim, the leaves of life will never rot.






Core Competencies Self-Assessment

I think this narrative essay indirectly reflects that I am a person with perseverance. This article is a profile of my perseverance, perseverance, and leadership. I think this event is helpful to exercise my healthy mind and body. I was proud of holding on to the military training for the next week, because it was really hot in Shanghai at that time, and it was a test of people’s will. Only by holding on to the end was a victory. I was proud of carrying out military training in the hot 38`c sun every day.

SS10 Reflections Nov.26

After studying, I learn something more about the history of Canadian and first nations people, and some mistake that Canada government made. Canada is not as “so” free as people know. Like racism in 1900-1914, and inequality in women’s societies, whether it should be free to fall in love, extends to the reconciliation between the First Nations and the Canadian people. All of them represent the progress and development of Canada, but the reconciliation between the First Nations and the Canadian people is not as simple as we think.

The people of Canada, for the First Nations, have too much to owe them. All kinds of laws indicate that the Canadian people were unfair to the First Nations at that time, as a residential school. In residential schools, the First Nations are strictly controlled and can only communicate in English and write in Latin. How can they be considered a white person? These deprived of their own culture, their own language, and even gradually let them forget their family because they were taken away by the residential school when they were very young. Although the Canadian government later apologized to the people of the First Nations, their practices were not sincere. They never talked face-to-face with the leaders of the First Nations. This is not an act of apology.

Free choice of the object of love and marriage, and the freedom to choose the way the two sides interact is actually very good, like the issue of homosexuality, I think that if you look at it a little, the person I like may just be a woman or a man like me. It’s not so much that it’s not so much. Too many tube bundles will have a rebellious mentality, leading to an unhealthy body and mind. We should not discriminate against homosexuals. It is not a mistake in itself. It’s just that the person you like happens to be the same sex as you.

For our project, I am still not sure what I want to do, and is a historical event to draw a time period, or is it necessary to describe all the changes that have taken place in my paintings? I am not very sure


Reconciliation Social Task

A piece of art that will help foster reconciliation.

I chose Dreamcatcher as a symbol of the Indians, and Beaver is a symbol of Canada. The two combine to express the desire for reconciliation. Because native Indians love nature very much, I painted the beavers on behalf of Canada green. The Canadian government, on the other hand, focuses on the development of science and technology and a happy and beautiful life. It is a dreamy blue-violet that represents the Indian dream net. The exchange of two different representative colors also means that the two truly agree with each other and their ideas. Under the beaver, I also wrote the Canadian abbreviation CA in red. It is written in red because the representative color of the Canadian flag is red. Only the two are closely related, identify each other, and cooperate with each other to be truly complete Canada.

The people of the First Nations, who love nature and their unique traditional culture, are now developing the country-Canada, and need to be integrated, and it is also necessary for Canada to be clear. People and the government should correctly treat history and the mistakes made in the past for the First Nations, and the consequences and injuries that have not been granted to the First Nations for a reasonable and equal status. Although the two sides may have reconciled, the pain that history brought to the First Nations is not something that can be erased in a short time.

Socials 10 Reflections Nov.19

After learning, we know that in Canada we have discrimination before  1914. For example, the residential school, founded in the 19th century, has oppressed countless First Nations, a shadow that Canadians are lingering. In the British Columbia BC Asia Exclusion League, it announced that it would launch a campaign for “White Canada” to incite racial riots in Vancouver. In 1923, the Canadian government imposed a head tax on the Chinese through the Immigration Act (immigration law), effectively preventing more Chinese from immigrating to Canada. For decades, the racism problems in Canada have changed dramatically, but racial discrimination will never disappear,  but people of different races can get together and make each other more Understand and respect each other. In my opinion, the number of immigrants today is not a problem, and immigrants within a controlled number can help improve the economy, develop diversified jobs, and provide more jobs.

In the 20th century, the awareness of gender equality in Canadian society was revealed. In fact, in the same time, similar things happened in China. Like my great-grandmother, she can only do everything in her home at home, like washing and cooking with children. In his time, she was not allowed to go out to work. This is why she is very strict with my grandmother. She desperately saved money, so that her grandmother got a good education, so that she can learn medicine, and also asked her to return to many things that only men, such as repairing light bulbs, etc. And it’s not just women who should cook. At that time, my grandfather cooks and takes children. But when my grandfather was a child, they still had the old thoughts of patriarchal women. They felt that men can earn more money, can support a home, can do more physical work, and can go out to fight to protect the family, so they are even more Like boys.

Nowadays, women still have places that are not treated fairly, such as bus drivers, mostly male drivers, and most famous scientists are male. But in fact, the participation of women has greatly promoted the development of economy and technology. Women’s care, thoughtfulness, and patience are indispensable qualities in today’s work and social interaction.