Canada’s Political Parties

New Democratic Party

An emotional Jagmeet Singh promises to fight for Canadians facing unstable work and to oppose the ‘politics of division’ after winning the federal NDP leadership in Toronto in 2017

” we need to focus on the fact that we have a government that’s talking about legalization that hasn’t immediately decriminalized possession is completely offensive completely unacceptable right now there are people that are currently being charged, being convicted, and being imprisoned for an offense that will become legal. That’s something the government should have done immediately. Their priorities on this file are completely wrong, they need to have immediately decriminalized and they’ve shown a lack of leadership in terms of how to move forward  on this issue”( xx~2:37)

I think they are the left wing. Because New Democratic Party Pay more attention to the pursuit of social justice, advocate equal rights of citizens, and oppose force. And I totally agree with them. For myself do not advocate the use of force and violence to solve problems, but can solve things through more peaceful means. A glimpse of violence will only show that you want to control the other side, which will create a level difference and bring war and disaster. However, people should be equal, they have the right to protect their own security and interests, and the government is the party that helps citizens.

But I don’t think he really plans to protect the Canadian border from illegal infringement from the United States. There is also no plan to say how he intends to deal with people who have entered the country illegally. They all talk about the protection of human rights, but they have largely deprived us of our most basic rights, such as freedom of speech, privacy, property rights, and the right to defend ourselves with only a few examples.

And I think Canadian citizens what they want is freedom of speech back, the flooding of immigrants from the middle east to stop, actual debate and to actually talk each otherther instead of the left just calling everyone who disagrees with them





One thought on “Canada’s Political Parties

  1. The quote you provide is probably left wing since it’s asking for change to happen sooner than later. Try to explain that part.
    Did Singh talk about violence in his speech? Provide the quotes.
    Not sure how free speech connects to immigration…
    Your post needs a bit of clarity. Try to follow the steps I laid out for you.

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