Social 10 Reflection – Oct.15

Social 10 Reflection – Oct.15

Nowadays, the waste of resources has become more and more serious. Every year, we always see reports from various experts on source wasting. Wrapping paper for various things, plastics, paper bags, cans, and the waste of food. Only people will be wasting? What about nature? Such as Trees lose leaves, flowers drop petals, snakes shed skin, birds lose feathers, people brush out old hair. All animals poop. And eventually, all living things die is kind of waste. The root cause I feel is overpopulation, With the development of science and technology, people’s lives are more and more convenient, basically solved by money, so people are more and more concerned about the environment they depend on. However,  with the adequacy of technology, it is possible to have new technologies to solve food problems or discover new renewable energy sources.

Judging from the voting method of the election, I think that the election in Canada is still very human. You can choose to reconnect instead of re-electing for two sessions. Although the elections in Canada have been perfected, as I said in class, I think “First Past the Post” is not the fairest and best solution for citizens who vote in Canada. I personally prefer the Single transferable vote. In fact, I think this way is very similar to the feeling of the Chinese election cadre or the representative of the department. I think this is a good way to vote because for this system Fewer votes are “wasted,” and most voters can point to a representative they helped elect. In addition, Votes take much longer to be counted and can be influenced, similarly to ranked voting, by voters who simply list favorites in the order names appear on the ballot. 

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  1. Yes, STV seems to be a better system in many ways, but it just comes down to whether or not society sees value in it. Better democracy may come at a cost.
    You were supposed to comment on the ways of making change too, petitions, lobbyists and civil disobedience.
    But interesting to read your thoughts on waste. When nature creates waste, what happens to it after? What happens to the leaves when they fall on the ground? Is that really waste? Per person, who do you think in this world creates the most waste? Is it people from overpopulated countries? Or does it have more to do with a way of thinking? Are people more concerned with the environment? Do people seem to care about climate change or producing waste? Or buying a lot of items? My personal opinion is no and I’d point to the growth of Amazon or Alibaba as examples of how people want materials and don’t think about the environmental consequences.

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