How does someone get courage in hardship?

“Sixth violin”的图片搜索结果


The kid’s book ‘Sixth Violin’ written by Hana Hashimoto, a story of determination, perseverance, and dreaming. The protagonist is an Asian American whose name is Hana Hashimoto. Hana Hashimoto has signed up to play her violin at her school’s talent show. She’s only a beginner, and her brother insists she isn’t good enough. The day of talent show arrived, Hana begins to wonder if she is really good enough? But Hanaencouraged by her parents, brothers, and friends and then she surprises everyone once it is her turn to perform, even herself. This book shows that humans need courage and perseverance to overcome hardship. Like Hana in the book, when she was in hardship, she gets courage from her family members and determined to play her best, even though she knows she could not perform well. When someone perseveres with their goal, family member and friend’s encouragement may lead to courage and success.



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