Week 8 in Math 10

This week we use knowledge  about Trigonometry to solving triangles and problems.During I solving problems , I have a little trouble  on it. Here is a question I will not do. I think I will do it, but my answer is inconsistent with the correct answer later. I really have no clue, so I raised the question. After teaching the students to explain, I know how to do it.So I used to do wrong because I used 9 years of age on the vertex, as well as parallel theory, so the answer is very different from the true answer In fact this question or should be used Trigonometry to solve the problem.When he explained half of the time he re-painted a triangle and just the answer we had just written, I was very puzzled. He explained to me that the original is not every question of the map is accurate. So when faced with such a type of problem, in order to do the problem can be re-painted, so that will not be due to the number of too many wrong.I think his little trick is good, so I think when I encounter a similar problem the next time you can also use this trick.

And here is question which I have a little problem on it.

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