Week 6 in Math 10

This week we learned that there are about surface area and volume of Spheres,Prisms, Cylinder,Cones and Pyramids.This week, uh, i think it’s a week out of my mind…Because it combines geometric shapes as well as measuring some of the conversion knowledge inside, so it is not particularly easy.But also a small mistake for the week, the specific examples are as follows










So I think in doing this kind of questions, you can draw a map next to, so that both intuitive, and the data and some details can also take into account.And there are plans, I think more convenient for the understanding and calculation of the subject.This question is good, and all the units are ft, but if it is different units have to calculate the first conversion. And if you are not serious, it is possible to use a different unit to do a question, so very troublesome and prone to error.So I just feel very much engaged in the mind, and test your careful degree of the week. If you can not use the knowledge you have learned, then your homework, skills testing and examinations are not good.

So to do more than a few questions to do the title. China has an old saying: reading a hundred times, its meaning from now. So many times to read the subject, you may be able to do the idea of ​​thinking, and pay attention to some small details, which will make you in the subsequent calculation more convenient and accurate.


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