Week 5 in Math 10

This week we learned a lot, one of the chapter which taught me a lot , and that is”surface area and Volume of Prisms and cylinders”we learned how to calculate the volume and surface area of prism.I found that the calculation is not as simple as imagined.If you are not careful, you may be wrong with the correct answer. And in the exam, you may be because you do not carefully from more than 90 points to eighty points, here  are mistakes what I do.





It is precisely because the question is not serious, will make the triangle with the calculation of the cube, simply forget the triangle area formula is S = 1 / 2ah 😂,and then do the wrong things.So when the next encounter this problem, to learn by analogy, and if not sure, then you can ask the students, students will not or no time to ask the teacher or the Internet Google formula.





I also found that I often made mistakes when making unit conversions. I also analyzed why, when I converted from the large units to small units each time, always like to first converted to m, and then put the answer to the m to fill up, leading to know how to do, the answer is never right

(for example, this is what I did wrong in skills check)





So I think I want to change my habits, or every time the wrong is not worth it

#Tips:Because 1 cm3=1ml     1000ml=1L.    So 1cm3=0.001 L



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