week 4 in Math 10

This week I learn about something about ‘ how to write each expression as a power with positive exponents and then as an entire radical.’ When I do the follow question , I calculated it over and over again, but still not the same as the true answer, At that time I was very upset, the draft paper written in a mess. I drank some water, made a deep breath, adjusted my mind, and prepared to finish the rest of the first and then back to recalculate.When the rest of the questions are done and confirmed with the answer, my self-confidence came back, that is a question, how can stop me. So I took a draft paper again, seriously re-copy the title began to do it. This is done very well, the answer is consistent with the true answer. I am very happy and began to step by step with the original written control, found in front of several are the same, to the end of the last when the most deadly mistakes.












( This is that question that I write it by hand)

So, in the next question, if you encounter the wrong question, and no ideas, you can skip this question, the remaining questions are ready to come back to study the wrong title, so that both save Time, but also self-regulation of the state of mind, not to affect a question of other topics. Especially in the examination, this can also improve efficiency, will not happen a knock knock results lead to insufficient test time, the back of the problem did not do the phenomenon.






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