The Great Chili Cook-Off’ reflection

This week, we change our group one more time……And we cook the great chili cook-off , it was not bad to work with my new group member , but I think our group have two group member always like to talk to other group, and  they are always talk talk talk…… and they can do all the things by themselves , they don’t tell me what do they need ,it just let me do nothing , but I am still enjoy the lab, because I can help to cook ,I m not just talk to other group, because they are friends but I’m not ,I have no idea to talk with my new group member. QAQ ( and I would like to change to group 5 ,I think that group it’s  more suitable for me )I like the chili that our group cook ,the product turn out the way that I like ,just not spicy for me.

For this product, we use onion ,sweet pepper, green onion , chili powder , pepper, salt , tomato sauce and black beans, ground beef, cheese, KD pasta. If I were to do this lab again, I will put more chili powder ,spicy sauce and a little water to let it became more spicy .

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  1. I’m sorry that you did not find the lab as enjoyable as you could have, Lina. Thank you for your honest reflection.

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