What’s In My Junk Food

My favorite fast food is McDonald's wheat fish package.Hamburg is mainly composed of bread, sour cucumber mayonnaise, fish and cheese.I would be so fond of fish and fish because there is no fishbone in the fish, and accompanied by sour cucumber mayonnaise does not make the hamburger feel special oil.
The skin was blown golden crisp, inside and retain the fresh and juicy fish. Delicious fish and taste salad dressing, unique flavor.And heat 1400kj,Carbohydrates 38.8g,Protein 13.1g,fat 14g,sodium 5.32g,Calcium 1.02g.It's not healthy because the fish is in deep fried, will get more fat and heat, and it have cheese inside, so have more fat.And these fat and heat are too much for us,so it's not a good choose for us.

May Lab Reflection

I choose Lasagna Roll-Ups, because it is the time away from the nearest `o-o’ .I like this  because it’s taste pretty good, and our group work very well.Our product turn out the way that I like, because we do all the work follow the repices ,and it’s very delicious so just me take a photo about it.Our group work well together during the lab , because our group have work for some weeks, team members have a tacit understanding , so even if there is a relevant we will ask to each other and solve the problem together. If I were do this lab again, I will not put product in the oven to bake for these time ,because all the ingredients are cooked, so they can not bake so long, or the pasta’s surface is hardened ,the meat is also a bit old.

The Great Chili Cook-Off’ reflection

This week, we change our group one more time……And we cook the great chili cook-off , it was not bad to work with my new group member , but I think our group have two group member always like to talk to other group, and  they are always talk talk talk…… and they can do all the things by themselves , they don’t tell me what do they need ,it just let me do nothing , but I am still enjoy the lab, because I can help to cook ,I m not just talk to other group, because they are friends but I’m not ,I have no idea to talk with my new group member. QAQ ( and I would like to change to group 5 ,I think that group it’s  more suitable for me )I like the chili that our group cook ,the product turn out the way that I like ,just not spicy for me.

For this product, we use onion ,sweet pepper, green onion , chili powder , pepper, salt , tomato sauce and black beans, ground beef, cheese, KD pasta. If I were to do this lab again, I will put more chili powder ,spicy sauce and a little water to let it became more spicy .