FN10 – Stretch The Kitchen

I’m very happy to bake a chocolate cup cake with my group member, but that cake it’s pretty sweet QAQ, I think we can improve our group work , and then will not somebody don’t have work and talk to each other. And I share my cake with other group member, and they said it’s good just it’s too sweet.

11.1 Factors Influencing Data Collection

When I first read the article, I though It is ok, also it’s waste a little money

After learning about influencing factors, I now think it’s amazing because it’s a big number

In the future, when reading and interpreting survey data I will buy that yellow one

178,112 persons (78.62%) voted in favor of the proposal, while 48,433 (21.38%) voted against; proposal was therefore passed with a majority of 129,679 votes. The vote was 54.90% for the “no” side, meaning that a Sunday shopping ban remained in place.They also argued it would provide a $19 million annual boost to the economy.




Noodles @ home recepie hunt

Breakfast——Wonton noodles

Wonton Noodles or called wonton & noodles(Taiwan ,also known as the local surface),is a representative in Hongkong,Guangzhou chinese pasta , are also very common。

To burn cooked noodle add has wonton ,finally add a little chives。



Lunch——Noodles mixed with scallion,oil and soy sause

Shanghai Noodles mixed with scallion,oil and soy sause is a color and taste of the traditional snacks, belong to the Shanghai cuisine.

Noodles 300g, onion 80g,Oil 60g, soy sauce 70g, soy sauce 30g, sugar 10g



Dinner——Yangzhou fried noodle

Yangzhou fried noodles, is a Yangzhou characteristics of surface, noodles and dishes in a plate, fragrant, crisp, fresh, tender。

Ingredients: cooked noodles, pork silk, shrimp, fresh bamboo shoots, red pepper, salad oil, diced green onion, salt, soy sauce, cotton, rice wine, wet starch, sesame oil.