Salad rolls

  1. I enjoy this lab very much. Because I can work with a group of partners ,and according to their own preference to make.
  2. I'll add a little salt to the rice vermicelli to add taste and minerals.And can add a little chicken to increase fat and protein.
  3. Most of the oil will increase the fat content of the food while changing the taste of the food. And the surface of the food in the process of frying a large number of dehydration and the formation of crisp shell will make the taste of food better.
    After the fried food, vitamins and other nutrients remain few, is not conducive to access to adequate vitamins and other nutrients. Food nutrition greatly reduced.
    Ingredients in high temperature environment to produce chemical reactions, the formation of oil oxidative polymer, the possibility of causing cancer

2 thoughts on “Salad rolls

  1. Good response, Lina. You could have been a bit more detailed with your #3 response – what specific type of fat is not good for us?

    • Because it will be easy to cause stomach disease , leading to obesity , not easy to digest.If children eat a lot ,they will nausea , dizziness even vomiting

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