Egg at home-recipe hunt

Egg rolls

course : breakfast

Ingredients :

egg——2.     oil——5g.    salt—–1g.    green onion——a piece

how to prepare : 1)Egg broken add salt and chopped green onion

2)Brush a layer of oil on the pan.    3)With a little spread over the entire pot.    4)When the two sides turn golden fish out.    5)After a little cold roll up the egg cake cut into piece

Egg Burger


ingredients :Egg—–1     Lettuce—–1 or 2 pieces.    Salt—–1g.

cheese —–1 piece.    Hamburger bun—–1.    oil—–3g

how to prepare:1)hamburger bun, cut in half, warmed.    2) Put cheese and lettuce in it.    3)Brush a layer of oil on the pan.     4)Fry the eggs until golden brown on both sides.    5)Put egg between cheese and lettuce.

Steamed egg custard


ingredients :Egg—–2.    oil—–2g.    salt—–1g.    water—–15g.    green onion—–1 piece

how to prepare:1)Two fresh eggs. Knock into the bowl, will be scattered, add 1g salt and mix thoroughly.    2)Add water now. It is best warm water.     3)Burn a pot of water, put steaming separated. The water must be opened later, then put the egg on the steaming separated, and then open a small fire, the lid must be left to sew, do not cover tight.      4)About 10-15 minutes, egg soup should be almost good. Sprinkle some green onion can enjoy it!

By-Lina Pan