Food 10-April Lab Reflection

1.Why did you choose to reflect on this lab?

Because some of the things that made me remember.At that day is the last day for school, and our group just have two member.(one of them is me QAQ) So we are very busy, but it’s the day that makes us work better.And I really like this cookie, although a little too sweet.

2.Did you enjoy the lab?Why or why not?

I enjoy it. Because I think although we just have two member, we may work harder ,but it easier to work with four people. Have  better job allocation. And I like coca power very much, it taste very good.

3.Did you group work well together during the lab?If yes, what helped? If no,why did it not.

Yes. Although we just have two members at that day , I think is group member’s help and the division of labor between teammates , make our group work well during the lab.

4.Did you group work well together during the lab?Why or why not?

Yes.Because we just have two members, the division  of labor between teammates is more convenient than other groups.And the team members are familiar , not as unfamiliar as before.

5.If you were to do this lab again, what might you do differently?Why?

I think during work, we  should learn to work together , can’t take some steps just to let the team members take turns doing , should be divided . For example ,if we have four group member, everyone in the group should take a picture about the recipes. According to the steps ,can send two people to get  materials ,one get materials, one get back.And other two can get ready to make.Like one people to stir the butter ,milk and other liquid.Another to stir flour ,coca powder and other things.And the member who get materials can turn on the oven.The member who get materials back can put the bowls which are used in the water ,it will be easier to clean. And after put the product in the oven, group member can start wash , not just talk to each other.It can be easier to cook.

Salad rolls

  1. I enjoy this lab very much. Because I can work with a group of partners ,and according to their own preference to make.
  2. I'll add a little salt to the rice vermicelli to add taste and minerals.And can add a little chicken to increase fat and protein.
  3. Most of the oil will increase the fat content of the food while changing the taste of the food. And the surface of the food in the process of frying a large number of dehydration and the formation of crisp shell will make the taste of food better.
    After the fried food, vitamins and other nutrients remain few, is not conducive to access to adequate vitamins and other nutrients. Food nutrition greatly reduced.
    Ingredients in high temperature environment to produce chemical reactions, the formation of oil oxidative polymer, the possibility of causing cancer

Egg at home-recipe hunt

Egg rolls

course : breakfast

Ingredients :

egg——2.     oil——5g.    salt—–1g.    green onion——a piece

how to prepare : 1)Egg broken add salt and chopped green onion

2)Brush a layer of oil on the pan.    3)With a little spread over the entire pot.    4)When the two sides turn golden fish out.    5)After a little cold roll up the egg cake cut into piece

Egg Burger


ingredients :Egg—–1     Lettuce—–1 or 2 pieces.    Salt—–1g.

cheese —–1 piece.    Hamburger bun—–1.    oil—–3g

how to prepare:1)hamburger bun, cut in half, warmed.    2) Put cheese and lettuce in it.    3)Brush a layer of oil on the pan.     4)Fry the eggs until golden brown on both sides.    5)Put egg between cheese and lettuce.

Steamed egg custard


ingredients :Egg—–2.    oil—–2g.    salt—–1g.    water—–15g.    green onion—–1 piece

how to prepare:1)Two fresh eggs. Knock into the bowl, will be scattered, add 1g salt and mix thoroughly.    2)Add water now. It is best warm water.     3)Burn a pot of water, put steaming separated. The water must be opened later, then put the egg on the steaming separated, and then open a small fire, the lid must be left to sew, do not cover tight.      4)About 10-15 minutes, egg soup should be almost good. Sprinkle some green onion can enjoy it!

By-Lina Pan