Weather Observations



The date of the observation was May 30th, 2019. The pressure was higher than yesterday. The air temperature was 24 degrees Celsius. The wind direction was coming from the south and made our ball move 20 degrees. There was no precipitation. The dew point is 20C. The cloud type is stratus. The cloud cover was about 40%. My predictions for tomorrow are it will be more windy. and everything else will be about the same other than having more clouds.

Lo Scambio

Problem Situation

Scenario: John and Emily are high school students who want to get good grades, maintain active social lives, and participate in sports. John is a linebacker on the football team, and Emily is a defender on the soccer team. Their busy lives prevent them from spending much time on their homework, and they both have been averaging Cs with an occasional D on their work in English class. The end of the semester is drawing near, and a major final project and test are looming. They both think they will pull off at least a B in the course by doing well on these final activities. However, both the football and soccer teams have qualified for post-season games, and both John and Emily are on the decorating committee for a major end-of-year dance which they will attend. Secretly they both want to be selected as King and Queen for the dance, so they have been spending extra time socializing with other students after practice in the evenings.


  1. I believe John and Emily are deceiving themselves about doing well in their English class because they aren’t putting enough time into doing the work and learning in able to actually do well.
  2. I think that John and Emily might get a bad grade in English class while they are busy with the other things they are doing by not spending enough time on studying for the English project and test.
  3. John and Emily could possibly blame others for not being able to do good in English for making them as busy as they are during that time.
  4. If I could do anything different in their position, I would opt out of trying to be King/Queen for the dance because that is not as important as everything else they are doing. If that’s not enough, I would also not do as much for the sports until the project and test are done.

What is the American Dream?

I believe the American dream is to ensure that everyone is treated equally and fairly and live without discrimination of any kind. It should be to get rid of poverty so everyone who wants a chance to restart their life and get a house and job can do so. It should be to end violence by working on the gun laws to ensure that the wrong people are not able to obtain a weapon they can hurt people with. The dream should be to improve the recycling system so we do as much as other countries do, such as Germany or Switzerland. It should be to reduce carbon emissions and work on obtaining energy from renewable and safer methods such as tidal, hydrogen, solar, or wind. All of these things can be achievable but aren’t thought about as much as they should be today. Our decisions appear to be all about what will give us the most money, which is another thing that needs to change.

How can BC’s waste management system be made more sustainable?

Many sources indicate that many countries have enforced strict laws when it comes to recycling, which prove to greatly impact the percentage on how much waste gets recycled. Unfortunately, North America has not followed in these footsteps, but can be changed.

According to Google, Germany has the best recycling rates of 56% of everything recycled every year, while producing 30 million tonnes of waste every year. Their method to recycling is “The Green Dot System” The concept is that the consumers are able to see if a company is also taking responsibility of paying for recovering the waste and recycling it. This concept makes companies try to minimize their resources in packaging so that they do not have to pay these fees. When this concept was put into order, Germany reduced their Waste production by one million tonnes per year.

This method could be a good way for North America to improve the recycling system here, and decrease the sizes of our landfills gradually.