Ethic of Care

Key Question: What would an ethic of care towards the environment look like?


  1. What would be needed to create it?                                                                                                                      In order to create an ethic of care, people would need to actually care more about the environment, by ensuring we do not harm it.
  2. What would we have to believe about the environment? How should we see it?                                       We should see that the environment is what allows all living things to exist on our planet, and if destroyed, pieces of life will also be destroyed.
  3. How would we act?                                                                                                                                       We would be more careful about how we’re affecting the environment. For example, we would litter significantly less, as littering has caused a lot of issues to the environment. We would also be more careful about polluting our air.
  4. What would be different about the world if everyone adopted this ethic of care towards the environment? Benefits and drawbacks?                                                                       If we stopped littering as much, we would be able to begin to clean our planet from previously littered materials and improve the habitats for the wild life. However, if we were to apply stricter laws for pollution, many people could lose their jobs due to factories being shut down for polluting too much.
  5. Should we adopt an ethic of care towards the environment?                                                      I would say yes, because the environment is what we depend on for life, and if we destroy it, then we will not be able to continue for much longer.

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