Garibaldi Lake Task

Garibaldi Lake Task

In order to find the volume, all you’d have to do, is multiply the surface area or the lake, with the average depth, and you’d have an average volume of the entire lake.


To determine the amount of water behind the barrier, you’d first have to convert the Surface area from kilometers to meters, so you can multiply that with the average depth to find the volume. 9.41km^2  into meters would be . 9,940,000m^2.


After converting that, you then multiply it with the average depth.

9,940,000m^2 \cdot 119m = 1,182,860,000m^3



The total amount of water would be 1,182,860,000m^3.


If the barrier were to collapse, the majority of the water would most likely flood out, flooding close by areas, and destroying many things.


According to Steve Quane, a member of Quest University, the amount of power created would be “200 times the energy released by the bomb on Hiroshima.” Luckily, this happening will most likely not happen during our life time.

Surface Area of a Sphere



During this activity, we cut an orange in half, traced the circumference of the oranges about twelve times, and then peeled the orange to determine how many circles the flat orange peels could fully fill, and we ended up with four circles filled. With this information, we determined that the surface area would be the circumference of the sphere multiplied by four. Afterwards, we disposed of everything and cleaned up the mess of oranges.


The formula to find the surface area of the sphere would be 4 multiplied by Pi(Diameter)

Character Sketch

In the story “Sam The Athlete” by Stuart Mclean, Sam, the protagonist, goes through a tough time trying to find a place where he fits in with others.


Even though Sam tries his best to play sports with others, he can never seem to find what he can do best, however, he stays dedicated in trying everything. Sam can be a little clumsy with sports, and at times runs into people, making the teachers say that he “Seems to be an angry boy.”


Before he had to start middle school, he was worried that he wouldn’t have nice shoes like everyone else did, and so he wanted to get a pair. When he was looking at them, the worker told him they were “Built for speed” to which he responded with “I know, I can feel it.” After he got them, he tested them out, and accidentally ran directly into a pole, and realized the pair of shoes wouldn’t help him with sports.


He decided to try out for field hockey as a goalie. After the first practice, he did good, and the instructor told him so, making him feel a lot of satisfaction, although, all of the other students there were female, and he believed that it was a female hockey team, so he decided to try and pretend that he also was one.


At the end of the story, Sam managed to block the ball from going in the net, and everyone cheered for him, making him feel very confident in what he was doing. He saw his old bully, Mark, who look envious of him, which made Sam even more confident in himself.

Staying Safe at Work

Three things I will do to stay safe at work are:

Think about the job being handed to me, and think of any possibilities of ways I could get injured, and make sure that would not happen. Another thing I would do, is make sure every thing around me is safe, and people know where I am and what I’m about to do, so they don’t accidentally do anything. The third thing I would do to stay safe, is to ask for help with anything I needed to do if I was unsure about being able to do it safely.


Two things I would do to make sure others stay safe are:

To watch them with something they are doing that seems unsafe, or help them them with it. I would also tell them to say ‘No’ to the job if they weren’t completely sure it was safe.

Core Competencies Self Assessment – Math 10 Honours

Can God create a sandwich they wouldn’t be able to eat?


  • Would God even have to eat? No, because he’s God, and has infinite power.
  • Would God feel no hunger or fullness at all times? Probably, since he has infinite power, so, he wouldn’t need to eat to survive, nor would he not be able to eat.
  • Does God even feel emotions?
  • What would that sandwich be made of?
  •  Self-Assessment-CC-District-document-1lrb17t

Core Competencies – English 10

The Sway that I created was about my climb up Grouse Mountain. In that Sway presentation, I was able to talk about it calmly and clearly, and being able to talk about how those experiences taught me certain things. My presentation was very organized, and thought out. I can continue to develop my communication competency by practicing more with it. For developing ideas, I can either continue with an idea I have, and make it work, or think of something else if the first one doesn’t work. I can build on other people’s ideas and generate new ones with it, and use those to add to my project. Ways I can practice developing ideas, is by working harder on projects to find better ideas than others.

House Journal Response


In the story “House” by Jane Rule, the protagonist, Harry, undergoes an epiphany about moving out to another house.


In the story, Harry wanted to be like everybody else, instead of being unconventional. Most people in this world tend to want what everybody else wants. This story shows that in a way that, Harry wants to be like everyone else in the neighborhood, while Anna wants to be unconventional, and live on an island.


At the start of the story, Harry said Anna has a “Case of retarded development” meaning, Harry believes she wasn’t being realistic and wanted crazy things, like a child. Harry believed being realistic and what the right decision would be, is to purchase a house, like everybody else.


By the end of the story, Harry realizes that his belief in being like everyone else was the good idea, was not the right idea. He realized that being like everyone else was what a good and happy life would have to be.


A lot of people today tend to strive for similar things in life, because they’ve heard other people mention it, while only some others strive for things they see as their own goals in life as an individual. If everyone were to want the exact same thing, nobody would be very different, nor would anyone look different, or out of the normal.