Life is About Experiences

(This project is based on my experiences in a written paragraph that I eventually turned into a SWAY presentation)


Climbing Grouse Mountain was surprisingly fun and worth the climb. When we started, I thought I would get very tired, as the last time I did it, I barely made it to the top. For the second half of the way up, a large wasp continued to follow us up the mountain, and never went away until the top. It never stung us, but it kept flying into us, and made us stumble at times.


Through most of the way up, the only thought of just climbing up the mountain and getting to the top, though, I never felt too tired. The entire way up the mountain, all I could see was trees and other people going up. When ever we stopped for a little break, we always got swarmed by flies, which always made us just get up and keep going, because it was obnoxious. Once we got to the top, we got some water, and looked at the view of the city. At the top, there are a few things to do, such as looking at two grizzly bears that have their own habitat, watch performances, go zip-lining, get a tour around the top, and more. After all of that, we went back down the mountain in a gondola. There were a lot of people in the gondola, so nobody could really move anywhere until it was over, but the view from the windows were cool.  After all of that, I didn’t feel any pain or anything.


Climbing Grouse Mountain was definitely worth it.


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