Get to Know You Paragraph

    Get to Know You Paragraph


When I was younger, I joined ball hockey because my brother always played and it looked like a lot of fun. Every time I was there to watch my brother, people would be cheering for their kids. There would always be the smell of food that people were eating, whether that was chips or pizza or something else. Every time my brother played, it would be in a different arena, so we would always have to drive to them, and we were always excited to arrive to the arena. When I started to play, my brother decided to stop playing because of the possible long drives every time, so, I decided to quit as well, even though I only played for about a week and never actually played against another team. The equipment I had to put on was not that bad, I don’t remember much about that, because it was a long time ago, but I don’t think I enjoyed wearing the helmet because it was always either too loose or too tight. If I had a choice, I think I would join ball hockey again, but I would have to practice hockey more often.


Paint-balling was an extremely fun thing I have done. It was about two years ago, I went to a birthday party which was to go paint-balling, everyone at the party was excited on the way to the arena, but started to panic when we arrived. A lot of the gear we got was really annoying to move with, my mask was too loose when I started to play and I couldn’t adjust it because you’re not allowed to take off your mask or do anything with your mask because the you could get hit in the face. Reloading the gun was another annoying challenge to do as well. At first, you don’t realize you are out of paint-balls, and you just shoot air. I ran out of paint-balls in the beginning of a game when I forgot to reload after the last game, and I was probably there behind a wall for almost the entire game attempting to reload my gun. Eventually, I managed to start playing again, but it ended a couple of minutes after. All the arenas were in a bunch of tree’s, so it always just smelled like wood. There was a guy there who didn’t follow the rules and never went out when he was shot, and he was completely covered in paint. He ended up getting kicked out of the games for cheating, and we didn’t see him again.


Camping is another fun thing I have done. I’ve been camping three times with my brother and my dad. The first two times I went camping, we were put in the exact same camping ground, and the third time was at Anderson Lake, which another camp site far from here. During the first two times, every day would start with us going down a hill to a river, to go fishing. Then we would play badminton or just talk. We always roasted marshmallows during the night. When we were at Anderson Lake, my brother and I were fishing and my dad was at our camp site which was the closest one to the river, when I noticed a bear walking out of the grass and moving towards us, and I notified my brother. We stood there for a minute, and then it disappeared, which is when my brother started to run as fast as he could towards my dad and all I could do was follow him. We ended up making it back without seeing the bear again, but that was still an experience that freaked both my brother and I out at the time.


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