Spoken Word

The crowd roars, the arena shaking with the voices of the thousands of people.

As Mike Bibby brought the ball down the court now this is a sport, with 10 seconds left in the tied game.

The fans as nervous as the players it seems almost in slow motion, with all the commotion.

As Mike Bibby reaches the 3 point line with 5 seconds left, he passes and dashes to Milt Palacio.

The announcers raise the stress levels counting down the clock 5, 4, 3, 2.

Milt Palacio pulls back off the pick and shoots the ball, the ball leaves his hands, the crowd roars as the ball soars.

The ball goes right through the rim and splashes into the net the grizzlies are set.

The crowd all in the moment, not thinking of work or school the next day, they really don’t know what to say.

The golden state warriors go home defeated, the happiness overwhelms the sadness in the arena.

The fans leave the arena hoping to come back for the next game but things will never be the same.

For fans of the NBA, it was a sad day in a bad way when the city’s basketball team finally called it quits back in 2001 after experiencing only six short seasons without many reasons, the last game wasn’t the same, everyone came.

M any felt that the franchise really didn’t get the chance it deserved to truly develop, feed the seed and succeed.

The team was sold to Memphis in 2001, but the Grizzlies’ final game was almost completely sold out without a doubt.

Fans were upset during that final game with no team to claim.

It really was a dumb decision they had no vision of what the team could really do.

What game will give Vancouver its fame, hockey, the Canucks? they Haven’t won a cup they suck with the puck.

The city should welcome a new basketball team.

There was the Toronto Raptors hosting the Golden State Warriors at Rogers Arena.

All of the tickets to the game sold out in an astonishing 3 minutes flat just like that (snap finger).

the sold-out game had an electric atmosphere that made everyone present feel like the NBA should make a return to the city.

A lot of people would love a new team it really would be a dream.