week 13 in math 10

this week in math 10 we learned how to find the x and y intercepts. to find the x intercept the first step is you have to cancil out the y in the equation. to do this you have to replace the y with a zero(5x-4y-18=0)to(5x-4(0)-18=0). the next step is to isolate the variable, to do this you need to get rid of the term with no x or y by adding or subtracting by that number, and what you do to the left you do to the right. then you need to divide by the the number the with the x, so if it is 3x=18 you divide both  terms by three to isolate the variable but if you x is squared you have to square root the x and the answer you have, then you have your answer

to find the y axes everything is the same except you need to change the x with 0