SSEP reflection


The problem we attempted to solve is if chemical reactions would react the same in space, if it would be slower, faster or not react at all. Also we put food coloring in the chemicals to see if it would change the colors of the reaction, do anything different than on earth or change the reaction all together. The chemicals and other supplies we used were citric acid, baking soda, water and food coloring.


we researched what chemicals that we could use that would be allowed on the space ship and wouldn’t blow it up with the reaction. We knew we were going to do a chemical reaction after we went to the SSEP information seminar. Before the seminar we wanted to do something with ice melting to see if it would be different than on earth, take longer, go faster, not melt at all. we also wanted to do something with organic chemical reactions but were not successful. We researched the question on google and YouTube to see the best possible choices eventually we found the right one in a YouTube video we didn’t know it at first but it ended up being the one we chose.


Some innovative ideas that I came up with are if the tube was bigger it could have been a bigger chemical reaction, also if we added other ingredients like any type of food it could change the experiment drastically.

design and deliver

We went from question to question answering them thoroughly spaced out evenly to create an organized flow throughout the questions and also added media. We listed all ingredients, the amount of the ingredients we needed to use and clearly listed when and what to put into the tubes. We added media.


It started off rough because it took us almost half the time to find the chemical reaction we were going to do but after we found the reaction it went pretty smoothly, our group could of defiantly been more coordinated with everything but it ended up working out. Another thing we could have done better is picked more complex chemicals to use but the ones we chose were every easy to handle and obtain. The ingredients we used you can find at any of your local drug or grocery stores.