Data Visualization

I chose to represent my data in a kind of collage/drawing because it really shows the information clearly. The arrows with percentage change are colour coded with cliche colours so that you instantly know which is “bad” and which is “good”. With this you can see that right away there is huge decreases in most of the categories, but you can also see which categories we need to improve on. This way of representing data is not only more pleasing to look at than the table but it is also more compact. Those are the main reasons why I chose to represent my data in this fashion.

Self reflection Wood Work 10

The image with the official self reflection document was not displaying properly so here is the text I wrote.

One of my learning goals is to learn how to make box joints. With these two projects I learned 2 types of joinery Miter saw joint from the box and wood lamination from the cutting board. When I feel discouraged about my work I remind my self that this was the first time I did what ever it was and that this was a learning opportunity and that I’d do better the next time. When i have to wait for something like glue to dry. Some strategies I use when I am feeling impatient are to read a book, do homework or whittle a piece of scrap wood.
When I want to make something new I get ideas by thinking about what I want to make and how I could go about doing it. what helps me when I want to get a new idea is looking at other peoples ideas then i can invent my own thing with some aspects of their idea. Usually I want to get a new idea about something after I watch a movie.

Here are pics of my projects: