Drawing and Painting 12 – Digital Portfolio

Instead of uploading my pictures to Edublog, you can visit my art Instagram account where I share all of my artwork: Click Here

About Me as an Artist:

1) What have you tried to do as an artist in this class?

In drawing and painting class, It has always been my goal to be able to pour my imagination on to the page or canvas. I strive to accurately depict the images I think of and improve my skills as an artist.

2) What is the meaning of visual art to you? What do you feel is your responsibility as an artist?

I feel the meaning of visual art to me is to describe an emotion, concept, or subject that can’t be described by words, sound, or captured by a photo; thus, the responsibility of an artist is to bring to life works that only exist in our imagination, so that others may experience the same things we do.

Final Reflection:

1) Reflect on which assignments you found most successful and why?

I found that the more inspired and motivated I was to complete an assignment, the more time and effort I put into it, and the more successful, in my eyes, it was. For example, for the tree assignment, I drew one of my original character designs, and It took over 7hrs to complete. In the end, it was probably one of my best drawings of the year.

2) Which assignment was the least successful and why?

I found the complete opposite for assignments that were less successful. Less motivation to finish and less time spent resulted in artworks of lower quality. For example, the self-portrait assignment: I do not enjoy painting my own likeness, so I just wanted to get the project over with instead of spending all of my time and making it my best work.

3) Any final thoughts?

Overall, I found Drawing and Painting 12 to be my favorite class because of the freedom to express myself and the flexible due dates and project parameters. Since I cannot take this class next year, I will miss it very much and probably have less time to work on my art. Thank you Mr. Drysdale for making this year very enjoyable, and brightening up my day with every class.