Us and Climate

(Sian in her house in Chaktai, Chittagong which has been submerged by flood waters)

In Chittagong, global warming has caused tidal surges, water from the ocean rising above it’s normal levels, which happen as much as twice a day. This site that I read: says that the 2 main causes of rising sea levels are: melting glaciers and a warming ocean. This makes sense because the data I gathers from from the World Bank suggests faster warming in arctic regions:


Weather Reading 18/12/19 1:00pm

Weather Predictions

From what we gathered from the weather maps, we saw a sort of swirling weather pattern centred on a low pressure zone move  above our area but come back down towards us. We think that this will cause more clouds to form above us causing precipitation, and maybe it will get a bit cooler due to the cold front in this vortex.

Weather Reading 17/12/19 12:30pm

Weather Prediction

Yesterday we predicted that the warm front would come in, and we were right, it did cause it to be warmer today and continuing the weather patterns we’ve been seeing. We predict that the cold fron that is south of us will move in causing it to be cooler tomorrow. We also think that the occluded front that came to our region will produce more nimbostratus clouds and  continue the precipitation and cloud cover we’ve been seeing. We also think it will be more windy tomorrow from this cold front.


Climate Zones


  • Explain how world temperatures and precipitation are changing.

Based on the info we gathered, world temperatures are rising, and so is precipitation. We think temperatures are raising because of the greenhouse gasses we are putting in our atmosphere and a result of this is that more ice is melting, creating more precipitation.

  • What conclusions can you make about how climate change is occurring in different climate zones?

In the cooler climate zones we can conclude that the temperature is raising faster than in warmer climates, and the precipitation is rising. In the warmer climate zones, we can conclude that the temperature is raising and the precipitation is decreasing.



Weather Reading 16/12/19 1:20pm

Weather Prediction

Since Friday, the low and high pressure zone moved in and out again like we predicted, and this caused rain. From today’s weather map it showed the low pressure zone moving in and out, a high pressure zone move up, and it showed a occluded front move past us. We predict that there will be a more rain, and more wind tomorrow and because there is a high pressure zone moving up, and this will cause rain.

Weather Reading 13/12/19 1:20pm

Weather Prediction

Since yesterday, the low and high pressure zone moved in like we predicted, but not enough to cause rain. From today’s weather map it showed the low pressure zone moving in and out and it showed a stationary front move past us. We predict that there will be a sprinkle of rain, and low wind tomorrow and then clear up because the low pressure zone isn’t getting close enough to cause rain, and because the stationary front is now past us.

Financing a CyberTruck


From this project I learned that there are hidden costs with financing a vehicle. First you have GST and PST which raise your price by 12% and second you have interest rates from borrowing money. In my opinion, purchasing a vehicle is the best option because you are not tied to any contracts that come with leasing a vehicle, and you get to do with the vehicle what you want.

Core Competencies

From this project I improved my critical thinking CC’s. Before I did this project, I thought that interest was just added on in the end, but my thinking has changed because now I know about compound interest rates and how they work. There are these hidden costs with everything you buy and now I am aware of it.