By Going to this Restaurant, You Instantly Travel to a Taco Shack on the Paradise-Like Beaches in Baja, California


Taco Del Mar is one of my favourite restaurants to get Mexican cuisine. What makes Taco Del Mar my favourite place to eat is a combination of the décor and atmosphere, their good food, their excellent service, and their very affordable prices. When first walking in, one will immediately notice that the place is decorated to look like the kind of taco shack you would find on one of the paradise-like beaches in Baja, California. The interior accomplishes this by including furniture such as a surf board table and a table with a palapa umbrella. The décor also has this taco shack feel; the counter where you order your food has bamboo paneling with a shack roof, and there are various surfing and Mexican cuisine pictures on the walls. The atmosphere of friendly employees and an air of casualness works well with this and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Secondly, but more importantly, the food and service. When ordering tacos, a burrito, various platters or a quesadilla, one can choose any of four slow cooked meats that make your mouth water at the smell of them cooking behind the window. These meats to choose from are juicy and savoury shredded beef, equally appetizing ground beef, tender chicken, and succulent shrimp, which are all cooked to the perfect consistency. After you choose your meat, you get to put on freshly made toppings. Smooth black or refried beens, Mexican rice, crisp iceberg lettuce, freshly made guacamole with the perfect amount of cilantro, tomato and onions, smooth melted queso, and hot sauce are just a few of the good toppings they have to offer. The employees make these Mexican dishes, with your instruction, right in front of you, and they do it with great skill and politeness. Taco Del Mar also offers the choice of a cool drink on the side. They have all the popular fountain drinks, such as Coke, root beer and Sprite. As well, they have a variety of bottled drinks including some light beers and Mexican sodas. Me personally, I like to enjoy a nice, cold glass of ice water. All of this good service and food must come at an expensive price, but the third thing that makes Taco Del Mar great, is that it is actually quite affordable. It cost about 10 dollars per person depending on what you order. Without a doubt, Taco Del Mar is the place I like to go to get affordable, phenomenal Mexican cuisine. With their great service and a friendly atmosphere, they’ve found a place in my heart with all the things that I value in a restaurant. But it wasn’t always this way. The first time I went to Taco Del Mar, when I was 9 or 10, I remember not knowing what to expect and not wanting to try. As soon as I started eating, I fell in love with both Mexican cuisine and the restaurant. Ever since, my family has been going there at least once every month.

Core Competencies- Term 1

What are you good at? What is your goal? 

Core Competencies  Awesome Already   Need to Grow 
Creative Thinking   Thinking outside the box, being artistic  N/A 
Critical Thinking   Asking questions, problem solving, research, using facts, being critical of what people say, and thinking logically.  N/A 
Positive personal and cultural identity  Proud of who I am   Religion and beleifs 
Personal awareness and responsibility   Not letting anything get in the way of what you want to do/your dreams, knowing your limits and being kind.  Not being lazy (I’m working on it), Respect (I try) 
Communication   Being an extravert and using straightforward communication  N/A 
Social responsibility   Thinking about how your actions will affect others  Sharing wealth