Reflection Nov 26, 2018 (Socials 10)

Last week we talked about the SOGI 123 curriculum . I’m on the fence about implementing this program because I don’t really agree with how they have set up the curriculum but I am not against teaching gender Identity and Sexual orientation in schools. I don’t agree with how they set up the curriculum because for one, it only focuses on gender Identity and Sexual orientation. There are many other reasons kids are bullied in school. For example kids with physical or mental disabilities. For two, it states “Classroom materials and activities will contain positive images and accurate information about sexual and/or gender diversity” which is a good thing but it doesn’t talk about physical, emotional and mental problems that could arise with these certain lifestyles. But to fix this program that would have to give kids all of the information. For example some of the heath problems that could occur. And to fix this program we would have to incorporate other minorities that are bullied or make another program for that.

Reconciliation Short Speech (Socials 10)

After hearing Steven Harper’s lifeless and strictly political apology for residential schools, I feel like we need to say sorry again but actually mean it this time. In Harper’s speech he basically said sorry twice and 90% of the speech was summarizing how residential schools scarred kids for life and ripped away their culture from them. Now that we know what we have done, moving forward we need to reconcile with our first nations people because what we did was wrong. And as everyone knows actions speak louder than words. So as a country we need to help these people get what they deserve, good jobs, education and self government over their reserves like they asked for. So what Canadians should do is vote for a politician that supports this and what I will do is listen in class and educate myself on the matter so history wont repeat itself.