Desmos Art Functions Portrait Nov 2018

Paste the link in to the search by address bar to open it in Desmos

This picture took 58 lines of equations to create. To figure out which equations to use I looked at each one available then imagined them with domain and range constraints that would get the shape I needed. It was really challenging to get the glasses right but after a wile I was able to write 22 lines of equations with domain and range constraints that pulled of the desired look. Some strategies I used were making one side first and then changing some of the plus and minus signs to switch it to the other side. Once I got it to the other side of the y-axis to change the domain and range constraints I reversed the pluses and minuses and then reversed the inequality signs. This assignment helped me understand how different parts of equations help move the shapes around for example the equation (y+a)^2+(x+b)^2= r^2 makes a circle with a radius of r with a center point of (-b,-a). So if I typed in (y+1)^2+(x+1)^2= 25 the circle would have a radius of 5 with a center point at (-1,-1).

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