Political Speech Assignment

The following is the results to my Political Spectrum Test:

(I don’t know why the bottom 4 even made it there for me)

Find a speech/interview from the party leader of the party you side with (or a minister)

1.Give the context of the speech (where, when, why)

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath addresses delegates at the federal NDP convention in Ottawa on February 17, 2018.

2.Summarize the speech

In a nutshell Andrea Horwath is saying that the Ontario NDP wants to make more public services, take better care of the environment, make a more equitable society, make it so that everyone gets the health care they need, and make it so everyone gets their medications with out paying for them. She also talked about how there isn’t enough room in hospitals in Ontario when people need care. She also said NDP is running to restore our public services and fight for good jobs that every worker deserves. She said the Ontario NDP wants to raise the minimum wage to $15, wants the electricity of Ontario in “public hands” (which I think means run by the government), want to fight climate change and make sure polluters pay the biggest price and want more woman in politics.

3.What do they say that reveals if they are left or right wing? (provide the quotes and timestamps)

1:00 -“we know a better future is possible for every Canadian. A future with more public services not less.” (This is left wing because the left wing agrees with having lots of public service)

1:11 -“A future where we take better care of each other and and better care of the land, the air and the water.” (This is left wing because the left wing agrees with taking care of the environment and it’s people)

5:59 -“New Democrats are fighting to restore our public services and we’re running to fight for the good jobs that every worker deserves.” (This is left wing because the left wing agrees with having good public services and having good jobs for all workers)

4.Do you agree with their statements? Explain why or why not

I agree with their statements because they are mainly trying to help the people and the economy. They are helping the people by trying to get good jobs for everyone, good public service and reach an equitable society. They are helping the environment by trying to put heavier taxes on carbon emissions,

5.Post the above to your blog (& embed the video) and present to the class