2 thoughts on “Discussion on Overpopulation (Socials 10)

  1. Right, maybe it’s a density issue, not really just population.
    Good research about the One Child Policy Liam. What were your sources? Did the others find any research on the One Child Policy?
    Those are good points about the Demographic Transition Model. Yes, groups could fall back to earlier stages temporarily but remember what makes you progress to other stages, it’s your level of technology in most cases. Natural disaster hit Japan all the time but they aren’t going backwards in the Demographic Transition Model. The main problem is with resources, it requires a lot more resources to live as a Stage 4 country than a stage 1-2 country. In other words, many people aren’t sure if the entire earth has the resources to get everyone to stage 5. Is there enough clean water to go around?

    You guys missed the question about what others say about overpopulation. Liam sounds like he’s looked into these things, I’d like to see others research the questions as well in the future.

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