Exponents PLO (I swear I did this in grade 9)

(The following are 10 questions from the exponents PLO that I have to explain.)

1. Represent repeated multiplication with exponents.

2. Describe how powers represent repeated multiplication.

3. Demonstrate the difference between the exponent, and the base by building models of a given power.

4. Demonstrate the difference between two given powers in which the exponent and the base are interchanged by using repeated multiplication.

5. Evaluate powers with integral bases and whole number exponents.

6. Explain the role of parenthesis by evaluating a given set of powers.

7. Explain the exponent laws for multiplying and dividing powers with the same base.

8. explain the law for powers with an exponent of 0.

9. I can apply the laws of exponents.

10. I use the order of operations on expressions with powers.

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