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(The following is an Interview with Sean Byrne  a Senior Atlassian Consultant)

The following are responsibilities that he has as a Atlassian Consultant:

• upgrading servers  • configuring servers

• upgrading software  • configuring software

• developing solutions  • developing software prototypes

• business analysis  • managing teams

• working with executive level clients

• training end users

I choose to interview Sean because I am interested in software related jobs and one day I might be wanting to do something similar to the work he does. I learned from this interview that there are a lot of obstacles to get to work in the software industry but,  I also learned that I might be interested in this kind of job because it involves working with code. Lately in Info Tech 10 we have been working with html code and I found it quite enjoyable.


(This first image is a Macbook pro. One of the tools Sean uses to do his job)      

(This second image is the logo of the Atlassian company)