Self reflection Wood Work 10

The image with the official self reflection document was not displaying properly so here is the text I wrote.

One of my learning goals is to learn how to make box joints. With these two projects I learned 2 types of joinery Miter saw joint from the box and wood lamination from the cutting board. When I feel discouraged about my work I remind my self that this was the first time I did what ever it was and that this was a learning opportunity and that I’d do better the next time. When i have to wait for something like glue to dry. Some strategies I use when I am feeling impatient are to read a book, do homework or whittle a piece of scrap wood.
When I want to make something new I get ideas by thinking about what I want to make and how I could go about doing it. what helps me when I want to get a new idea is looking at other peoples ideas then i can invent my own thing with some aspects of their idea. Usually I want to get a new idea about something after I watch a movie.

Here are pics of my projects: