Character Sketch Paragraph

(The following is a paragraph about Dave Conroy a character from the short story “A Mountain Journey”)

Dave Conroy is a dynamic character from the short story “A Mountain Journey”. He is dynamic because even though it seems like he doesn’t change through out the whole story he actually regrets making the foolish decisions he made through out the story. Some characteristics that represent him are impatient and foolish. First, Dave Conroy is impatient when he doesn’t want to camp out under the tree because he doesn’t want to spend any more nights getting to the cabin; “No more swashing under trees, burrowing four feet down in the snow for a place to sleep.”(pg.92). Near the end of the story this also leads to a change in Conroy’s personality. From being foolish to being obsessed; “His fingers were frozen. His feet were probably frozen too…Frank MacMoran…had his cabin on Terrace Creek…no more than ten miles. If he left his pack behind he could probably pull through.” (pg.96-97). Second, you know that he is foolish when he says that a man is a fool to travel alone in the wilderness. When he himself is doing the same; “a man was a fool to travel alone in the mountains, especially with a heavy pack, backing a fresh fall of snow. A man when he was alone would travel to far. He would travel till he could travel no more, for the mere sake of travelling.”(pg.92). This foolishness also leads to the part of him that is adventurous. Conroy is adventurous because he skis down frozen rivers and traps alone in the wilderness; “Dave Conroy…paused upon the summit of the pass…turned his skis down the slope before him…he made long sweeping turns around clumps of spruce and balsam”(pg.91-93). Over all Dave Conroy is a well built up character and it makes sense that his foolishness and impatience led to his demise.