All Summer In A Day Comprehension Questions

(these are some questions and answers for the short story “all summer in a day”)

1. After the children see the sun, they “could not meet each other’s glances” when they think what they have done to Margot. Has seeing the sun changed the children in any way? If so, how? Do the children better understand and sympathize more with Margot after seeing the sun? Why, or why not?

Seeing the sun has changed the children because it made them understand how big of a deal seeing the sun is. Before the children saw the sun they didn’t think it was a big deal at all. I think that the children now better understand and sympathize with Margot after seeing the sun because now they know why Margot wanted to see the sun so badly and now they can see how Margot feels about not having the sun around.

2. Why do you think Margot acts the way she does—why doesn’t she play with her classmates, for example? Why does she react so strongly to the shower?

I think Margot acts the way she does because she misses the sun. I also think that Margot doesn’t play with the all other kids because they don’t understand why Margot misses the sun so badly and she might even not want to make friends because she might have to leave them behind if her parents decide to go back to earth. I think she reacts so strongly to the shower because she hates the rain that is constantly going on and doesn’t want to feel like she is in the rain at all.

3. Why do you think the other children mistreat Margot? Why do they refuse to believe what she says? Why do you think the boy says, “Nothing’s happening today”? What does this show about why people bully others?

I think the other children mistreat Margot because they don’t understand her. I also think that they refuse to believe what she says because it sounds unreal and they don’t want to be let down if the sun doesn’t come out. The kids just don’t believe that the rain would ever stop after seven years of going on constantly. I think the boy says that nothing’s happening today because he also does not believe that something so amazing and unreal would happen after seven years of not happening. This shows that people bully others that are different or people that sound like they are telling lies just because they don’t like them.

4. What do you think happens after the story ends?

I think that Margot just sadly walks away after the story ends and I think that the teacher then comes back and asked the children what happened. After the story ends I also think that if the kids told the teacher what happened she might scold them.

5. What do you think the sun might symbolize in this story? It represents more than just the actual, physical sun. What long-term effect do you think never seeing the sun might have on people? What do you think the story suggests about advanced technology that might allow us to do things like live on Venus?

I think the sun might symbolize life, hope and freedom because when the kids saw the sun after 7 years of not seeing it they felt more alive and free from the rain because after not seeing something so wonderful for a long period of time it makes you want to see it more. It also symbolizes hope because after seven years the kids were starting to loose hope that they would see it again. I think the long term affect of not seeing the sun on people would be depression and low vitamin d because in certain parts of the world some people don’t see the sun for about a week and they need to take vitamin d because you get vitamin d from the sun. People would also be depressed because no sun would set a sad gloomy atmosphere for people. I think the story suggests that having advanced technology that lets us do things like live on Venus might not actually be the best thing to have because the advanced technology might have some bad aspects to it like not seeing the sun for seven years for example.

6. What do you think are the themes and messages of the story? Think about the situation the people in Venus are in, as well as the consequences of it, and consider what happens to Margot in the story as well.

I think that some of the themes and messages of this story are:
a) enjoy the little things because you might miss them later.
b) You don’t always know what you have until it’s gone.
c) Don’t do things you might regret later.